Student Research

The Undergraduate Research Program IUSM-NW exists to help undergraduates participate in research and scholarly activities, in collaboration with Center faculty. A student and his or her faculty sponsor work together on a project of mutual interest. The mentoring relationship developed through the research and scholarly process is beneficial to the student and to the faculty member. Students have the opportunity to participate in a research project from beginning to end, to go beyond classroom experience and to investigate an idea in great depth. Faculty have the enjoyment of being able to move beyond the classroom examples with students who are actively engaged in the discovery process.

For additional information on research at IUSM-NW, please contact Ms. Dawn Ilgenfritz at 219-980-6550


Pictured above are students who participated in the summer research program 2007 and presented their work to faculty and their peers.  From left to right: Doug Nielson (Dr. Kennedy's lab, Olivet Nazarene Sylvia Deek (Dr. Marfurt's lab), Dan Grabarek (Dr. Talarico's lab), Sara Farooq (Dr. Bae's lab), Cicely Moreno (Dr. Sivam's lab), Thanzeela Mohideen (Dr. Bae's lab), and Brad Clark (Dr. Kostrominova's lab).

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