Virgil Hoftiezer, Ph.D.

Former Associate Director and Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology (RETIRED)



Northern State University, 1963 B.S. (With High Honor); 
Secondary Education with double major in Math and Biology. Department of Anatomy, University of Minnesota, 1972; Ph.D. Anatomy.
NIH Fellow, University of Minnesota, Department of Anatomy, 1970-71.


Associate Director
Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Step Master for Step 2 - Human Structure


The American Society for Cell Biology
American Association of Anatomists, Constituent Society of FASEB

Research Interests:

My research interests are in medical education involve the proper methods and appropriate roles of evaluation in problem based learning curricula. Evaluation should enhance the educational opportunities and motivation of medical students. Evaluation methods should be evaluated as to their effectiveness and reliability. Competency based exams have been developed and applied to the clinical sciences. Can competency based exams be developed for the basic sciences wherein student performance accurately reflects an acquired fund of knowledge as well as the ability to apply that knowledge? What is the best way to evaluate students in a PBL curriculum?


Selected Publications:

Petersen, M., Iatridis, P.G., Hoftiezer, V. And Vaughn, S. Implementation of a comprehensive standardized patient program in a PBL curriculum. AAMC Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., November, 1995.

Hoftiezer, V., Iatridis, P.G., Bankston, P.W. And Vaughn, S. Student evaluation in the regional center alternative pathway - a problem based learning curriculum - compatible with a traditional grading system. AAMC Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, November, 1994.

Iatridis, P.G., Hoftiezer, V. and Vaughn, S. Problem-solving curriculum in a medical school extension. AAMC Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., November, 1991.

Sjöholm, Å., Welsh, N., Bankston, P.W., Hoftiezer, V. And Hellerström, C. Increased glucose oxidation and contents of insulin and ATP in polyamine depleted rat insulinoma cells (RINm5F). Biochem. J. 277, 533-540, 1991.

Iatridis, P.G. and Hoftiezer, V. Development and implementation of the regional center alternative pathway. AAMC Central Group on Medical Education Conference, Itasca, IL, April, 1990.

Hoftiezer, V., Bankston, P.W. And Berggren, P.-O. Evidence for the presence of virus in clonal insulin-producing RINm5F cells. Experimentia 43, 420-421, 1987.

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