Doctor/Patient Relationship

PBL 661
140 Hours / 5 Credits

Since the inception of the IUSM-NW Regional Center Alternative Pathway, the curriculum has included a didactic component called the Doctor/Patient Relationship. The Doctor/Patient Relationship is designed to foster desired primary care physician's characteristics. In this component students develop skills to communicate effectively with patients and their families, to show empathy toward patients, and to appreciate patient differences in cultural values and socio economic levels. Students also are exposed to a series of clinical experiences which illustrate the impact of illness on patient's lives and what they expect from their physicians.

Doctor/Patient Relationship - Component Descriptions

Behavioral Science

The Behavioral Science didactic component deals with systemic introduction to human development involving learning, conditioning and perception. Cases, including those used in Step 2, are used to emphasize human behavioral studies regarding those concepts which are considered useful in understanding and treating disturbed behavior. The development of personality and the role of mental mechanisms in healthy and unhealthy adjustments are reviewed also. Glen M, Wurglitz, Psy. D., a clinical psychologist, coordinates Behavioral Science.

Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics consist of a series of seminars devoted to discussion of various topics such as disclosure, confidentiality, informed consent, and death and dying. Cases posing dilemmas that relate to step cases will be presented, along with abstract material to facilitate conceptual and ethical analysis.

Emergency Medicine

This portion of the Doctor/Patient Relationship is designed to introduce students to the principles of emergency medical and surgical care. Emphasis is placed upon recognition of disease states, physiological and anatomical correlation, and initial emergency care including cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Students begin Emergency Medicine with two introductory lectures provided by James Klein, M.D. Students are then assigned to three area hospitals for rotations through the Emergency Room.

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